The website designed for the Russian language learners so that they could find a complete explanation of the grammar rules, presented in a normal human language. No monstrous and confusing tables and charts. Just a step-by-step clear explanation. There you’ll be able to check yourself with tests that are logically built-in after each portion of grammar material.

The instagram account where language learners can get acquainted with real daily life in Russia.

 I’ve always been a fan of different clubs, so once I’ve moved to live in a new city, I decided to create my own. It’s designed to gather English language lovers for a cup of coffee in a nice cafe. Once a week we meet to get to know each other and to chat and practice English.

Probably, the most difficult, but the most rewarding part of my work life. I teach 8 year-olds English language in a form of a game. We play, draw, watch short cartoons, make YouTube videos. My aim here is not only to teach English but to raise the interest of young learners in exploring the world behind our country’s boarders.