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The project where you will reach A1 (beginning) fluency in Russian in just 90 days with minimal homework through teacher-led group online classes


A1 proficiency in the Russian language enables you to

  • get acquainted with someone
  • maintain a casual conversation
  • introduce yourself and other people
  • tell about your life: your job, hobbies, family e.t.c.
On this stage you will be able to use at least 780 words vocabulary to express your thoughts and ideas while speaking or writing.


Learning a new language is about the amount of time you’re willing to invest into the process. It’s very transparent and measurable. You would need to spend from 75 to 90 hours to get to an A1 level.

Many language schools offer less time in a classroom leaving most of the work up to you. Is it fair? Raise your hands – who’s really ready to spend 6 hours a week for self-study?

I know, that you’re busy as hell! What I offer is to work 80% of the time with you, as your professional tutor. The remaining 20% is your responsibility. This means, spending only around 30 min. for the lesson preparation.

Save your money

Do your own research, but keep in mind, that in most cases group lessons are charged for an ACADEMIC hour which is only 45 minutes.Luckily, I’m not limited to any restrictions and I provide fair, 2 hour-long lessons (with a 10 min. break).

Let me show you some math. Let’s say you see: $8 per an academic hour. What this means is that it is $8 per just 45 min. which is $16 per 1.5 hours (a usual lesson length), NOT $8! With this price a 2-hour lesson would cost $24, while I charge it $14.
Thus, your A1 level with about 54 hours spent with a tutor (see my 1st point) turns into $650. This is compared to my course’s price of $499 for 72 hours of training with a tutor.

In short, here you get almost 30% more actual hours with a tutor and pay almost 25% less.

A1 level in just 3 months

We have found that we need to spend around 70 hours in a classroom. It’s a constant. We can push hard and get all the material covered in the next 3 days. “A 1 level in 3 days!” – what a nice slogan that could be. But how much of it will you memorize? 0.2%? Unfortunately, understanding and memorising requires time and practice.

Ask yourself: “Am I really in a rush or can I give myself a reasonable time to establish a solid foundation?”We’ll meet 3 times a week for productive language learning and practice as a group. Between classes, you’ll have up to 98 spare hours to memorise what we’ve learned.

No more learning alone

Effective language learning is impossible without a human being by your side. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind online courses and language apps (I use them too), but how many students bailed on learning because they were alone?

Why do we consider our University or College times as one of the happiest in our lives? Because it was so pleasant to work with professors? Or maybe we were excited to pass our exams? I don’t think so. It’s all about being “in your tribe”. A private tutor can’t compete with the joy of being with like minded students. Work in a team of cool people from all over the world, learning at the same time as you inspires to move further.

Lessons start

Monday, August 31st @ 07:00PM +GMT 03:00

places left


If you don't like the course get your money back!

My goal with this course is to help you become fluent in Russian and fulfil your dreams and plans.

I’m confident that if you participate in all of the lessons and do your homework tasks, you WILL see positive results.

I believe that every student should find his or her perfect teacher. And there’s nothing wrong if we don’t match up with each other. 

So, if for any reason in the first week of studies you decide Live Online Group Lessons aren’t for you, just email me and I’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. 

Why join this group?

Get immediate feedback

I guess, you have already tried some language apps and noticed that they can’t answer the question that pops up in your head: “hey, but why…?” This is where traditional live learning works the best. Just join the lesson, get new material and ask me everything you wanna ask. Oh, the lesson is over? No problem, text in a group Whatsapp chat.

Yeah, that’s easy.

Invest into positive results

I never doubted that you can learn everything yourself. The only thing here is how much time and money are you willing to put into developing a learning plan and finding a proper language partner (you can’t speak with yourself, right?) Besides, how will you make sure that everything you’ve learned is correct?

My students don’t worry about that. They get practical experience every single lesson.


“The lesson is over. This is your home work. Done.” You can find tons of offers like that on the web.  But this is not how I view my method of group tuition. 
It’s not only about acquiring proper skills, but also about collaborative learning, mutual support, explaining the culture, sharing experiences and many other important things.   

Look what you get

NOTE. While I do my best to provide you with the first-rate guidance, instructions and learning tools, your result isn’t guaranteed unconditionally. Your achievements will be based on your work and capabilities

What’s the schedule?

Monday 07:00 PM

Timezone (GMT +03:00)

Wednesday 07:00 PM

Timezone (GMT +03:00)

Friday 07:00 PM

Timezone (GMT +03:00)

Students' feedback

"From traveling twice to Russia, Anastasia has helped me tremendously with pronunciation and colloquial use of Russian. Even with the always painful talk of tackling grammar she has guided me through the process with patience"
Car Salesman
I have had at least 5 different tutors. Nastia creates all of her own lessons. She gives excellent feedback about your progress and is always positive throughout lessons. The support she offers to her students is invaluable. She truly loves her work and it shows.
T. W. Carl
Engineering Analyst


No more than 6. My experience says that this is the perfect amount of students for productive learning – large enough to work with different partners and small enough to take care of each individual student. My intent is not to gather a stadium of learners, but to provide space and considerable time for participation in each single lesson.

No, we start from scratch – the alphabet, basic reading and pronunciation. If you already know some Russian – no problem, this is an exceptional opportunity to brush up your knowledge. 

When you enrol to the course, you take one of the limited places and we begin learning together. As a tutor, I’m highly interested in those, who are willing to learn and succeed. So, you’ll have one week to decide, if my method works for you or not.  If for any reason in the first week of studies you decide The Course isn’t for you, just email me and i’ll refund 100% of your money. Super simple. Later cancellation as well as partial refund are impossible due to the nature of the product. 

Skipping lessons is highly undesirable as the idea of the course is to put maximum time into group tuition.  However, most of the lessons will be available on a closed YouTube channel, so you can watch them at any convenient time. If a lesson will not be provided by any technical reason on my side (like decease or the Internet fail), the lesson will be provided the other day on shcedule.  

You’re highly encouraged to ask questions during the lesson time. Besides, you’ll always be able to ask your questions in a group chat. I’ll answer them as soon as possible. You can also ask your classmates. 

You don’t need to worry about that. I’ll provide all the materials needed for free in a PDF file. 

Download the Zoom App on your phone or PC. In 10 minutes before each of the lessons I’ll send you a secure link. Detailed instruction will be sent to you by email after purchasing.

After every lesson you will receive a home task that will typically consist of learning new vocabulary and exercises. It will not be graded like at school, however, it will be checked and you’ll be able to see your mistakes and work on them. The tasks I provide are not overwhelming, but doing them is an obligatory condition of your language growth. 

Sorry, no. While I do my best to provide you with the first-rate guidance, instructions and learning tools, your result isn’t guaranteed unconditionally. Your achievements will be based on your work and capabilities. The slogan “A1 fluency in 3 month with minimal home work” is used to refer to the goal of some students to reach A1 level in Russian in a three month period.  However, it’s a goal, but not a promise or a guarantee of success. Reaching any level of the Russian language proficiency requires time and work.  

I will personally work with you during the online classes according to the schedule. Along with this, I’ll answer to your questions in a closed Whatsapp Chat for students. Though this course isn’t one of those where you get ditched the moment they get your money, you shouldn’t expect immediate answers outside the class hours. My duty is to provide clear explanation and guidance, but you shouldn’t expect private mentorship in the course.

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