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The project where you will reach A1 fluency in Russian in just 90 days with minimal homework through teacher-led group online classes

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No out off the book lessons. Exclusive course for every individual student. The program provided will be tailored to your special needs and goals. I carefully listen to my students to make sure that they have acquired the information. I can put information in a way that the explanation fits you like a lock and a key


Join a Russian language group

I believe, that there’s no substitution for a human being. So if you found, that online courses and apps don’t answer your specific questions and you’re drowning in the sea of different methods and possibilities, join my group classes. Here you’ll find a well-balanced and completable strategy to strike your goals together with a friendly environment to boost your motivation

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my students say

"From traveling twice to Russia, Anastasia has helped me tremendously with pronunciation and colloquial use of Russian. Even with the always painful talk of tackling grammar she has guided me through the process with patience"
Car Salesman
I have had at least 5 different tutors. Nastia creates all of her own lessons. She gives excellent feedback about your progress and is always positive throughout lessons. The support she offers to her students is invaluable. She truly loves her work and it shows.
T. W. Carl
Engineering Analyst